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How can MentAI help?

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Our solution


At MentAI, our main goal is to give the patient and the clinic the optimal tools to maximize the odds of success of the medical care.

The platform is designed to offer support to all sort of long medical processes such as:

  • Infertility treatments IVF

  • Cancer treatments

  • Transplant recovery

  • Chronic illnesses

  • Orthopedic recovery

  • Heart diseases

  • Post trauma

Mental and emotional support

By understanding the stages of the medical journey of  patients and mental impact along the way, MentAI can help prevent the mental declines and keep patients mental resilience high and stable.

Using technology, we get accurate and real-time physical and behavioral measurements that translates to emotional and mental state.​

Learning about the patient from several points of view allows us to offer personalized content, costume-made self tools, measurable goals and a better understanding of the mental state. 

Modern Digital Watch

management of the medical process

Provide tools to control, monitor and plan the medical process with all the relevant information about the medical care.

Managing the schedule, medicine info, process monitoring.

Patient - Clinic communication

Good communication between the clinic and the patients it's a "must" and not "nice to have".
MentAI offers a smart technological solution to improve collaboration and help the system work better and more efficient.

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